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Workplace Immunization programs

Decrease The impact of Flu Season

Apex provides onsite workplace vaccine clinics to employers wishing to protect their employees against highly contagious diseases like Influenza, COVID-19, Hepatitis, Tetanus and others


Easy Access to Immunizations

Qualified nurse at the place of employment to ensure each employee receives their shot.


Time Saving

Reduces the need for your staff to visit a doctor's office for a vaccination. We provide promotional material and scheduling support.


Done during Work hours

Clinics scheduled to accommodate all employees on different shifts at your location. All we need is an enclosed, quiet room.


Reduce risk

These clinics make it easy for employees to receive immunizations that reduce the risk of contracting highly contagious diseases and greatly decrease employee absenteeism (particularly in flu season).

Reserve your vaccination clinic

Protect your workforce by booking a vaccination clinic with Apex.  By bringing vaccinations directly to your workplace, you’ll ensure convenience for your employees, minimize disruptions to productivity, and demonstrate your commitment to their health and safety.

Act now to secure a workplace vaccine clinic date and take proactive steps towards a safer healthier future for your team and community.

Vaccine verification Program

Ensure your team is protected

We assist you in promoting a safe and healthy workplace by verifying vaccinations to comply with your company’s practices, public health guidelines or provincial legislation.  

Confidential and Private

We provide expertise in navigating complex legal and regulatory requirements. We strictly adhere to health privacy legislation.

Minimizing Administrative Burden

We collect your employee's confidential health vaccination information so you don't have to and provide compliance reports for peace of mind.

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