Join Apex and Transform your career

Make a meaningful impact on the health and productivity of workers while advancing your professional skills and knowledge in the Occupational Health field.

Apex – fueled by teamwork, united in commitment, driven by initiative and accountable to each other!

Why Apex

The benefits of a career in Occupational Health

Becoming a member of the Apex team can be appealing for various reasons, depending on individual preferences and career goals. Here are four compelling reasons why you should consider us:


Impactful Work

We play a crucial role in promoting and maintaining the health, safety and well-being of employees within various industries. We make a tangible difference in people's lives preventing or minimizing the impact of illness or injury.


Job stability and growth potential

Our services are in demand and support business across various industries and are driven by our client's recognition of the importance of investing in employee health and well-being. This demand translates into ample job opportunities and potential for career growth.


Continuous Learning and Development

The Occupational Health field is dynamic and constantly evolving in response to new workplace hazards, regulatory requirements, technological advancements, and changes in health care delivery. As a result, our team members have ample opportunity for learning and professional development.


collaboration with Experts

Our team is made up of professionals from diverse backgrounds such as medicine, nursing, public health, kinesiology, industrial hygiene, ergonomics and human resources to name a few. We work together to address complex health and safety challenges in the workplace.

Our Values

Accountability – we demonstrate responsibility every day and hold each other accountable for our commitments, our decisions and our actions.

Commitment – we believe in our mission and act to the benefit of our clients and their employees. Our relationships in our community are based in trust and respect.  We cherish and maintain those relationships with the highest integrity.

Initiative – we can be relied upon to be innovative and adopt methods that will benefit our clients and our organization.

Teamwork – we are collaborative and work together with our clients and each other. We believe in constructive and effective relationships at all levels.

We live our values

And believe in empowering our employees to excel together in delivering exception care and service to our clients and communities. Join us in making a meaningful impact!
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