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Occupational Health on-site

Bringing our expertise to your business

Having an Apex Occupational Health professional onsite ensures the best possible care for your employees. Backed by a full team of Occupational Health and Wellness specialists, your Apex team member brings a comprehensive set of skills to your workplace. It’s like having a complete Health Services department led by a qualified primary care provider.

On-site Nursing

Available for long-term placement or on an as-needed basis at your workplace for all your occupational health nursing needs.

On-site Occupational Health Professionals

Available to provide tailored physical assessments, interventions, and ergonomic solutions.

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Why use an occupational health nurse

ensure compliance with Health and Safety Regulations and collaboration

Apex Occupational Health Nurses work with your business to meet the health needs of your employees and safety goals of the company.  Our nurses are fully trained in a wide array of occupational health skills including disability case management, return-to-work program support, on-site emergency response, medical surveillance monitoring, pre-placement medical assessments, and power lift truck operator medical assessments.

Health and Safety Promotion

Our nurses are trained and compassionate professionals who will ensure the very best in care for your employees. They are available for long-term placement at your workplace or on an as-needed basis.

Compliance with Regulations

Apex nurses are trained in regulatory requirement to help minimize legal risks and ensure a safe working environment for your employees.

Electronic Medical record retention for on-site services

How are Employee Occupational Health Medical Records protected?

Apex takes the protection of your employee medical health records seriously.  We use an electronic medical records database that is compliant with all relevant health privacy legislation.  We also ensure the data is protected against cyber attacks and regularly audit our electronic security.

Our on-site services team use password protected laptops that are issued with rigorous cyber security training that occurs throughout the year.

By using an electronic medical records database, we are able to issue reports in a timely fashion as well as track your employees progress through various programs.

We are also able to offer our clients a portal where you can access reports, view if an employee has been seen by an on-site service provider and request services at your convenience.

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