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Return to work programs

Facilitating an employee's safe and efficient return

Your employees are your most valuable asset and having them working safely and productively is the ultimate goal of our Return to Work programs. We excel at providing you the expertise and trusted guidance you need when hiring team members or helping them get back to work after an injury.

Fit-for-Duty Assessments

Objectively determines the physical capabilities of employees returning to or joining a workplace.

Case Management Programs

Provide unbiased mediation and support to assist your organization in resolving return to work issues.

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Essential parts of a return-to-work program

Key components aimed at facilitating an employee's safe return

Apex assists your business effectively manage your workplace injuries and illnesses while promoting employee health and productivity.

Assessment and Planning

Assessing the employee's medical condition, capabilities and any workplace accommodation needed for their safe return. May include medical evaluations, functional capacity evaluations, and discussions with health care professionals. Apex puts in place a comprehensive plan outlining the steps needed to return your employee to the workplace which includes any duty modifications.

Communication and Coordination

Effective communication is crucial between the employee, employer, health care providers and other relevant stakeholders. Apex establishes clear channels of communication and coordination to ensure the right people are informed and involved in the process.

Workplace Accommodations and Rehabilitation

Depending on the employee's condition, workplace accommodation may be necessary to support their return. We assist with the design of duty modification, work hours, or physical environment to ensure they can perform their job safely and effectively.

Monitoring and Support

Ongoing monitoring and support are essential to ensure an employee's continued well-being and success. Apex supports your team members with periodic progress reviews and adjustments of the return to work plan.

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