Independent Medical Evaluation

At Apex Occupational Health Solutions, our medical evaluation provides an independent, impartial diagnostic service for your employees.

How does our Medical Assessment work?

Based on the needs of your individual employees, our clinical examinations are conducted by a single physician with significant expertise in disability legislation or a highly integrated multi-disciplinary team of specialized clinicians. This level of expertise ensures examination integrity, with decisive reporting.

An Overview of our Medical Assessment Program:

Our evidence-based program will reduce the risk of surcharges, future costs and WSIB overhead by focusing on:

  • Clarification of diagnosis and impairment

  • Prognosis of potential outcomes

  • Documentation of complaints and behaviour

  • Management options to optimize the Return to Work process

  • Adherence to the highest principles of ethical conduct

Our primary goal is to prevent further disability or disease by providing the highest level of quality care for an injured worker, resulting in lower WSIB premiums for your organization.


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