Functional Capacity Evaluations

Through a methodical testing process, a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) determines an employee’s ability to safely perform a variety of activities and compares his or her current performance levels to the demands of normal job tasks.

What is an FCE?

An FCE is effective for determining an employee’s readiness to return to work after an injury, in making disability determinations, and in planning and monitoring an individual’s treatment and progress during rehabilitation. All of Apex’s FCEs are performed by Certified Work Capacity Evaluators.

The Benefits of an FCE

Apex’s FCE aims to do the following for your team:

  • Avoid unsafe work conditions by identifying any discrepancies between the employee’s abilities and the job task requirements
  • Allow for injured or absent employees to return the safest possible work conditions
  • Assess the functional abilities of your employee to mitigate injury
  • Offer ergonomic or job modifications necessary to assist your client in returning to work
  • Provide recommendations for further treatment


An FCE is an invaluable part of your return to work program. It ensures that all of your employees return to work when they are ready, and provides a path to more extensive treatment if necessary.

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