Dr. Doug Friars M.D., FCFP, CCFP, Dip. Sport Medicine

Dr. Doug Friars, our Medical Director and physician owner of Apex Occupational Health Solutions Inc., offers over two decades of dynamic leadership and diverse expertise in Occupational and General Medicine. 

His tenure at Apex has been marked by a commitment to delivering top-quality, efficient, and people-centered services. Dr. Friars, an award-winning leader recognized for his pivotal role in healthcare system planning, including the “Act as One Initiative” for mental health services, is also a notable figure in the medical legal field. 

As a graduate of Queens University and a Fellow of the Canadian College of Family Physicians, he brings invaluable insights into work capacity evaluation and functional testing, crucial for effective workplace health strategies. Dr. Friars’ specialized focus in Sports Medicine and his personal engagement in active lifestyle pursuits, such as ice hockey and adventure biking, further amplify his holistic approach to occupational health. 

His leadership at Apex embodies a unique blend of professional excellence and personal dedication, ensuring comprehensive care for employees and enhancing workplace well-being.

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