Angie Wright

Angie ensures the flawless delivery of our clinical services, guaranteeing our clients receive top-tier care. With extensive hands-on experience, she leads our team in providing comprehensive services.

Angie firmly believes in prioritizing health and safety in the workplace, mirroring the care she provides for her own family. This dedication fuels her work at Apex and serves as a cornerstone of her mission.

Throughout her 15 years at Apex, Angie has achieved remarkable milestones, from implementing innovative strategies to streamline processes to spearheading initiatives enhancing workplace wellness. Her commitment to excellence drives continuous improvement and ensures adherence to regulatory standards.

Continued education keeps Angie at the forefront of best practices in occupational health and clinical management, ensuring our services remain cutting-edge.

Beyond work, Angie treasures weekends filled with family adventures. Whether exploring scenic trails or embarking on spontaneous road trips, these moments rejuvenate her passion for life, inspiring her dedication to her work each day.

By integrating her clinical expertise, commitment to excellence, and zest for adventure, Angie sets the standard for our team, encouraging growth and embracing challenges. She fosters a culture of collaboration, innovation, and compassionate care, making a tangible difference in the lives of our clients and their employees.

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