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Take the next step toward a safer, healthier, more productive workforce.  Let us design and deliver occupational health programs that integrate easily into your operations, engage employees for increased participation, and provide a cost-effective return on your health and wellness investment.

With Apex’s support, we have confidence that we are welcoming healthy and fit individuals into our organization, setting the stage for their success and well-being in the workplace. A big thank you to Apex for their exceptional service and dedication to our company’s health and safety.” 

Susan Cannon, Safety Specialist
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Deliver innovative employee Occupational health programs and solutions

Kinesiologist reviewing occupational health return to work program

Medical Fitness

Assess Suitability

Occupational Health Nurse providing on-site care to worker

Health Surveillance

Monitor exposure

Occupational Health Doctor sharing wellness information with workers

Promotion & Education

Raise Awareness

About Us

We Offer comprehensive Occupational Health Services tailored to your business needs.

From proactive risk assessments to personalized employee wellness programs, we’re committed to optimizing the well-being of your workforce by coordinating the management of your occupational (work related) and non-occupational related worker illness and injury.  Partner with us to ensure a thriving, productive workplace where health is paramount.


Our employer portal allows you to reach out on your schedule


We protect your business by securing employee health files


Technology allows us to enhance your service delivery

Why Occupational Health

The benefits of Partnering with Apex

Transform your workplace. Contact us today!


Compliance with Regulations

Our team of experts stay up-to-date with relevant laws and regulations, so we can help you make informed decisions, ensure compliance and avoid penalties.


Cost Savings

By preventing workplace injuries and illnesses, you can save your organizations money on worker's compensation claims, medical expenses and lost productivity.


Safeguard Health Documents

Apex ensures the protection of your employee's private health data through a variety of safeguards designed to protect you and your business.


Enhance Your Company's Reputation

Demonstrating a commitment to employee health can enhance an organization's reputation among employees, customers, and the community.

Impact of Occupational health

Improved Employee Health and Well-being

Why is Occupational Health Important?

Apex is your partner in ensuring a strong occupational health program to maintain optimal employee health; reducing absenteeism and promoting productivity.

Occupational Health Nurses

The Vital Role of Occupational Health Nursing

Creating a safe, healthy and thriving workplace environment, benefiting both employees and employers alike.


Frequently Asked Questions

Occupational Health and Wellness are complex subjects.  Here you will find answers to some commonly asked questions about the solutions we provide.

We can deliver services in your place of employment, our head office or a number of available facilities throughout the province.

Our head office is located in Kitchener, Ontario. Services are available almost anywhere in the province of Ontario. 

Call, email or request more information on-line and we will be happy to work with you to identify your needs and provide you with guidance on how best to manage the occupational health requirements of your business.

Client Review

Discover Our Client Feedback

Let their experiences speak for us!

Thanks to the comprehensive employee health programs provided by Apex, our company has experienced a remarkable transformation in workplace health and safety. Their expertise and tailored approach have empowered us to proactively protect our employees from preventable illnesses, fostering a safer and healthier work environment for everyone. With Apex's support, we've implemented effective protocols and educational initiatives that have enhanced employee well-being and productivity. A true partner in occupational health, Apex has exceeded our expectations and earned our trust as a valuable ally in safeguarding the health of our workforce.

Linda Derme, Director of Health & Safety, RWDI Consulting Engineers Client

Since partnering with Apex for our new hire screenings, our onboarding process has become smoother and more efficient than ever before. Apex's thorough and reliable screenings ensure that every new employee starts their journey with us on the right foot.. Their team goes above and beyond to accommodate our needs and timelines, delivering prompt and accurate results that enable us to make informed decisions about placement. With Apex's support, we have confidence that we are welcoming healthy and fit individuals into our organization, setting the stage for their success and well-being in the workplace. A big thank you to Apex for their exceptional service and dedication to our company's health and safety.

Susan Cannon, Safety Specialist Client

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